School by Chance

Daisy Flores, Staff Reporter

Living in a first world country, we take a lot of things for granted–school being one of them. However being accepted into Birmingham Community Charter High School isn’t necessarily like winning a lottery, even though some might have thought it to be. No lotteries are in place when accepted into Birmingham. In fact, it all depends on where you live.

For example, if Birmingham is a student’s home school and he or she decides to to attend, then their acceptance is guaranteed. On the other hand, if they do not live in the area, students still have the opportunity to be enrolled, but they will not be a priority just quite yet. Once those who live in the area are put into account, then those not in the area will be focused on. The students who do not live in the area and apply to Birmingham become a part of the open enrollment program–where anyone who isn’t part of the area can apply. About half of the freshman who applied to Birmingham through open enrollment were accepted, according to Ms. Zoepfl, Assistant Principal at Birmingham.

On the other hand ,schools have a limit on how many students are allowed to be enrolled. Last year Birmingham had a student acceptance limit of 3200 students. This year the limit was changed to 3282 students. With a large amount of applicants, a waiting list forms. For those who heard that there was a lottery-style way of choosing students, you are not entirely wrong. The school is not allowed to to pick and choose students whether they are on the waiting list or not. If an opening happens to appear, that is when the offices decide to randomly select a student to fill it. Although, that happens to be the last resort.