2018 NBA Allstar Game Changer


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The NBA’s top two iconic star players.

Jonathon Eaton, Staff Writer

The National Basketball Association, better known as NBA, has hosted the All Star weekend since the 1950s. This event consists of entertaining challenges, exhilarating contests, and finishes off with the Eastern Conference vs Western Conference All Star game.

The All Star game rules have usually been the same, except for minor changes. A total of 24 players with  12 from each of their respective leagues play a regular game with four 12 minute quarters. Competitors are chosen by the fans through online ballots. The players with the most votes are selected to the All Star game. However, if one of the players backs out (or is injured), the player with the second amount of votes will take the opening spot. The 2018 NBA All Star Game will be hosted in Los Angeles at the Staples Center.

On October 2, 2017, the NBA announced that the format for the All Star Game will become a charity game, for whichever charities are being sponsored. The way the players are selected will still be an online ballot. Although, instead of the top 12 players from each conference, the top player from both conferences will act as a team captain.

Both captains will pick the remaining top 22 players deemed as All Stars from either the Eastern or Western conferences.  Chris Paul, the president of the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association), said on Tuesday, “I’m thrilled with what the players and the league have done to improve the All-Star Game, which has been a priority for all of us. We’re looking forward to putting on an entertaining show in L.A.” Personally, I am exited to see that some players will be on the same team. It will be a chance to see great plays on the floor. Also, with the way the NBA is shaping up, some rival players will end up working together for their team–even if it is a temporary alliance.