Defending Soccer Champ’s Captain Talks


Deli Chanta, Staff Reporter

Interview with Erick Villatoro

Name : Erick Villatoro

Grade : 12

Position : Any position except goalie ; Captain of the Varsity Soccer team

How long have you been in the team Soccer team ? 

– I made Varsity my freshman year (9th grade) and have been there ever since .

What is your reflection on last year ? 

– It was an amazing team , one of the best teams I’ve been with

What do you expect to accomplish this upcoming season ?

– Win state ; go undefeated during season

What skills do you plan to improve on as an individual ?

– My left foot , i can’t kick well with my left

How does it feel to be captain of the Varsity Team  ? What are some pressures you feel ? 

– It feels good because you’re coming from winning CIF and its a big responsibility being captain . I feel its all on me .

What do you expect from the team ? 

-Same from last year , WIN