BCCHS Dress Code: Fair or Not Fair?

Illustration depicting an illuminated neon sign with a dress code concept.

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Illustration depicting an illuminated neon sign with a dress code concept.

Dress codes are nothing new to private and public schools, but what is the reasoning behind it?

At BCCHS, our dress code isn’t extremely strict. It’s basic: no dresses/shorts too short (don’t show too much skin), and nothing that’s inappropriate such as gang signs or inappropriate pictures on clothing. Students have complained about the dress code multiple times. Usually, it’s because they are upset that they can’t express themselves with their clothes. Security guards will tend to confront students when they see a problem that goes against the dress code, and will either tell them to wear a jacket, something to cover up their clothing, or provide a shirt for them.

But is all of this really necessary? Should students be restricted, and embarrassed for not wearing what the school thinks is the right type of outfit?

Mrs. Reisbord, one of the deans at BCCHS, was asked about the matter and she answered by saying “I think it’s appropriate and necessary to have a dress code.  The punishment for not following the dress code is fair and only comes after you’ve been educated about the process.”

According to Mrs. Reisbord, there is  a different dress code for both sexes. When asked if it is necessary to have a different dress code for both sexes, she responded with an emphatic “yes.”  “What matters is that you’re dressed appropriately for a school setting.” she continued.

Although it may seem that the dress code is a justified regulation, there is a noticeably unfair difference between what girls can wear, and what guys can wear.

The real question is if the rules of the dress code apply equally to both boys and girls?  “There’s more to address with females because they do more then guys do.”

This is true because girls have a wider variety of clothing than boys do, and there’s no arguing against that; however, it’s unfair that girls have to watch what they wear more than boys have to do.

Even though it’s not the most convenient thing, it is serious, because dressing appropriately is setting you up for success.