BCCHS Student Poems

Karina Ruvalcaba, Creative Arts Editor

Mirror, Mirror

By Nataly Rojo

Get close.

Get a little closer.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see.

Is that a sad, lonely person?

Or is it a happy person?

I hope what you perceive is what you have always wanted to be.

I hope you see someone who wakes up every day to continue overcoming different challenges, someone who never gives up until achieving their wildest dreams.

I am impatient to know, what are you looking at?

I’m eager to know, who are you really?



By Oddyssey Rodriguez

A needle and a thread to fix a problem

People are like clouds

More than one voice makes us stronger

Life is like a jawbreaker, you can lick the sugar but you can’t bite it

Don’t jump off a cliff after your friend

Don’t judge a person by their looks

Feelings may hurt but that means you’re alive

Love is like a drug, some are addicted and others avoid it

A person’s size does not define their spirit

Only a greedy fool chooses money over love.



By Oscar Sandoval

How could I be so lost,

In a place I know so well?

How could I feel so broken.

In a family so together?

How could I be so lonely,

Surrounded by so many?

How could I be seen unhappy,

Surrounded by so much beauty?

How could I be me,

When even I remain a mystery?