Working High School Students Have an Advantage

Camron Graham, Staff Writer

Many people today say that kids are in a rush to grow up, that they should enjoy being kids and not try to get jobs so soon. Having a steady source of income during your high school years can help build responsibility and pay for school events that parents might not be able to pay for.

This is especially true with students in low income families that are living paycheck to paycheck. In these cases no money can be spared for luxuries. In situations like these, students need to earn their own money to enjoy the extra activities that school provides and having a job while you are still a minor is a better alternative to getting your first job after school.

One of the hardest aspects of getting your first job is the fact that employers are reluctant to hire people with no work experience. Getting a job while in high school ensures that when you become a legal adult, you’ll have prior working experience that will make it easier to get a job to allow you to pay for necessities when you are on your own. If you lose the job you have in high school, you will have your parents to fall back on while keeping the benefit of work experience . Knowing what to expect from a job can help you with problem solving and adapting to new situations while working.

An advantage exclusive to our very own Birmingham Community Charter High School is our student work program in which you can earn credits for school and earn cash at the same time. This also allows you to leave school during your 4th and 8th period class in order to get more work hours. This gives an advantage to students wishing to work because it gives them the opportunity to work and earn school credits at the same time. This benefit is available to any working students. To inquire about it, all students must speak to Ms. Zook in the library.

Working during high school can be a great choice especially if you are planning on working right after school but it depends on personal preference and situation. You might not have time for a job if you’re preoccupied with school activities. All in all, the pros outweigh the cons, and you have nothing to lose from working during high school.