New Skateboard Racks An Improvement?


Ivan Avila

Skateboard rakes located at BCCHS

Ivan Avila, Advertisement Editor

Birmingham Charter is a great school for all individuals with different sorts of skills, but are all the school improvements  on campus convenient for everyone?

As a skateboarder and student myself, I love what Birmingham has to offer to students but it isn’t always convenient for the skateboarders. The School’s security and authorities get fairly upset for no reason when you are holding onto your board during school. It is understandable that skateboards can be loud or distracting but taking them away until your parent or guardian picks it up for you is ridiculous in the opinion of many students/skateboarders.

Some teachers are cool with students leaving their skateboards in their classes and others are not. I personally put my board in my teacher’s class because of the sketchy skateboard racks.

There are two rack sections. One in the front of the campus(on Victory Blvd.), which has a record of skateboards getting stolen — and the other rack location is in the back of the school, by the circle(on Haynes street), where the sun hits the rakes all day,  which is horrible for the wood. It is bad for the wood because it can really warp(shape) the board into a disorderly shape.

I highly doubt the school will replace the stolen boards or warped boards, because last year my board was stolen and nothing was done about it. The worst part about it was that it wasn’t only the deck (wood) that was stolen, but along with the Trucks, wheels, and bearings.

The school should be a bit more willing as to make a rack section on the side of the soccer fields or in the area by that corner.  I don’t mean to come off contentiously but additional skateboard racks in the shade that are secured would be very much obliged.