Can Money Buy You Happiness?

More money more happiness?

More money more happiness?

Jonathan Vicente, Managing Editor

May I ask you something? What is your question? Can making a lot of money buy you happiness?

People have argued this topic for years. People say that money cannot buy happiness. Then there are some people who say that money can buy you a “lot” of happiness. What do you believe? Regardless of what you believe, a lot of people will disagree with you. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I believe that money can buy you happiness. Whether it be emotional or material happiness. Why, some people may ask, and I ask them back, why not? Is it not more logical to be happier when you have more of something that can give you more of anything.

Money is the main topic in most of the places around the world and money really can talk all languages. “Wants and needs” is what all economics teachers teach. Wants can be satisfied by money and needs can be satisfied by, you guessed it, money as well. Money makes the world go round not literally but maybe if you have enough of it in the future. Money can get you a better education so that you could make even more money and live better than most and be happier.

People without money are usually the ones who say that money can’t buy you happiness. Why? Because they have no money, that’s why. How can a person that doesn’t have money say that money can’t buy happiness when they themselves have no money? The same can be said about people with money saying that people without money are unhappy.

Regardless, money can buy you just about anything to make you happy. A better house, better food, better clothes, better education, and even better health care.

I know that you cannot buy someone’s true love, but you could get something close enough to that love. Money may not be able to buy you everlasting love, but even temporary happiness is still happiness. I think someone with a V8 Camaro ZL1 with 600hp and a huge house with a private airplane which he/she can use to go anywhere he/she so wanted at any given time would be much happier. Someone with less money wouldn’t have those same options, but would still have constant struggles paying the bills and living paycheck to paycheck.