Makeup Advice: the Pro and Cons


Stacey Sandoval, Staff Writer

We see women everywhere, of all ages wearing makeup. Youtube and Instagram are both filled with MUA’s, short for “makeup artists.” There are a lot of positives, or pros, to wearing makeup and it is very fun to apply, but there are also some negatives, or cons.


  1. Makeup gives you confidence. Makeup allows women to enhance their beauty, and if you dont like the way your eyebrows, your skin, or your eyes look, you can easily apply makeup to your liking and you’ll feel confident!
  2. You can have a new look every day. In the makeup world, there are so many different colors and products that you don’t even know what to buy since everything looks so nice. One day you can be wearing colorful eyeshadow, on the next day eyeliner, and on another day just a simple makeup look.
  3. When you’re tired or sick, just a little bit of makeup can make you look like you’re up and refreshed.
  4. Quality makeup products can give benefits to your skin.
  5. Makeup can make good impressions because it makes you look like you care and always maintain a good appearance.


  1. Good makeup is expensive! A simple foundation can cost you more than $50.00 just because its got a good brand name.
  2. You’re never on time. Ladies take their sweet time to get ready and applying makeup can add 1 to 2 more hours in the process of getting ready.
  3. If you’re not good at applying makeup, then it won’t look good at all. It’s best to start off with simple things if you’re a makeup beginner and then move up to more advanced looks.
  4. If you fall asleep with makeup overnight… the next morning your skin hates you.
  5. People might talk about your makeup. “She wears too much,” “She looks like a clown,” etc., but who cares about those haters!