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Diego Garcia, Staff Writer

Diego Garcia is 16-year-old student at Birmingham Community Charter High School. He is currently in his Junior year and has attended the school since his Freshman year. However his Freshman year was done online due to the Covid-19 epidemic, therefore, his first year on campus was his Sophomore year. Diego has many interests. One of his main interests is volleyball. He started playing at the beginning of the year and has grown to love the sport. He even enjoys watching professionals play the fast pacing game. He also enjoys other sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and soccer. His favorite teams from these sports are the Lakers, Chargers, Angels, and Real Madrid.

Some other interests he has are playing video games, watching TV, Pokemon, reading, and hanging out with friends. His favorite video game is Red Dead Redemption 2. This was his first open-world game where he experienced the ability to do anything he wanted within the game. Some of his favorite shows include "Haikyu", "The Boys", "South Park", "The Office", and "Black Clover". Diego has enjoyed Pokemon since he was a kid and that still hasn't faded. He loves to play the games on Nintendo, and used to collect cards a lot. He even has Pokemon Go on his phone and enjoys playing with his friends. He's got a few books that he loves to read as well. Some of them are IT, Wings Of Fire, and Haikyu. These are all things that Diego enjoys and loves to spend his time doing.



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