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Georgina Mendez, Sports Editor

Georgina Mendez is a current senior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. She has attended Birmingham since her freshman year and is extremely excited to finish off her senior year. Throughout high school, she tried to dedicate her time and be involved in clubs or sports that she enjoyed. Throughout high school, she was involved in wrestling, student council, and link crew and is new to the yearbook. She has taken a big role in helping new students with two years of orientation experience along with mentoring freshmen. She has been able to maintain a 3.75 GPA while taking honors and AP classes and in order to help relieve some stress, she has decided to take journalism as writing helps her clear her mind. She has written several of her own stories that have been kept in a journal all about human emotions and her experiences in relationships and friendships. After graduating from Birmingham her goal is to attend UC Irvine to major in criminology. After this, she would like to begin training to go to the FBI or work her way up to becoming a homicide detective.

Outside of school, Georgina has many hobbies, one being tutoring. She spends a few days tutoring kids that have some disabilities in a variety of subjects. She also loves going out with her friends when she can. She enjoys Universal Studios and Six flags the most with her favorite rides being Jurassic at Universal and Twisted Colossus at Six Flags. Along with going to amusement parks she loves going to the beach with her friends and having beach picnics while watching the sunset. She is very big on quality time with others to show affection. She loves spending time with her best friends and making new memories with them.

Not only does she love spending time with her friends, but she loves spending time with her family. Georgina has four brothers, one sister, two nephews, and two nieces. Over the summer of 2019, she began to babysit her nephews and one niece which is when she got closest to them. She would babysit them for about twelve hours per day and this is when she realized that she found lots of joy and happiness being around them. Ever since then whenever she gets the chance she loves going to visit them. If things get mentally hard she typically goes to see them as they fill her with peace and happiness. She typically takes her nephews and niece on a walk, scooter ride, to get ice cream, play with water guns or just play board games with them.

Even though Georgina loves spending time with others she also does love her alone time. While alone she loves to clean up so that she is able to relax in a clean space. After this, she takes time to journal about her emotions so that she has a clear mind. After those two activities are done she gets her favorite fruit which is strawberries or gets her favorite meal from ¨The Kluckin Chicken¨ and puts on one of her favorite TV shows which is Gilmore Girls. If she wants to go outdoors she typically grabs her headphones and goes on long walks until she feels calm and at peace. She also greatly enjoys reading outdoors and is currently reading ¨The Stranger Beside Me¨ by Ann Rule. At the moment she is working on becoming the best version of herself before she graduates and is building her future so that she achieves all of the goals she has in order to have her ideal life.


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