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Kristy Pinedo is a 16-year-old junior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. Kristy has been attending Birmingham High School since freshman year, but she doesn't feel like a junior since the Covid 19 pandemic stole her freshman year. She had to spend her freshmen year online learning so she never got to experience the Birmingham school campus firsthand until her sophomore year. Kristy is a Pisces who was born on international women's day! She has spent her entire life in Los Angeles, California, but she hopes to move to another state when the opportunity arises. Kristy now lives with her grandma, two siblings, two dogs (a Jack Russell mix and a Yorkie terrier mix), and 24 fish. Her younger sibling is a freshman at Birmingham High School, so if she gets lonely at school, she can simply go hang out with her sister, so it's always a win-win situation.

Kristy is an introvert who dislikes large crowds; she is really nice and a fantastic person to rely on. Once you get to know her, you can tell what type of person she is. She enjoys making new acquaintances and meeting new people who can potentially become her friend. Kristy enjoys video games, cleaning her house, thrifting, and gardening. When she isn't doing any of those activities, she is studying or working on her assignments for her classes. Although she has a strict curfew because of her strict parents, she is unable to attend most of the games and events that take place in Birmingham, but she enjoys living vicariously via her friends who are able to attend the events.

Kristy is looking forward to finishing high school with a 3.9-4.0 GPA with honors. Kristy tries to excel and achieve above her parents' expectations so she tries her hardest in school. After high school, she plans to attend Santa Monica Community College for two years in order to save money before transferring to a university, ideally UCLA, and majoring in business finance. After college, she plans to move away from California to take a break from the hot Cali weather and her family, although she would miss them both dearly.


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