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Sean Torrejon, Senior Columnist

Sean/Gio is currently a 17-year-old Senior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. Sean is his first name but he is also called "Gio" which is short for his middle name: Giovanni. He is a Latino-Hispanic whose parents were born in Bolivia and El Salvador respectively. He is a very extroverted student who likes to socialize and hang out with his friends. His favorite food is anything Italian but mainly any type of pasta. He loves to listen to Hip-Hop/Rap music and his favorite rapper is and will always be the late great Juice WRLD. His main passions are playing basketball and baseball which are his two favorite sports. He is a multiple-time All-star for Baseball and also made the All-Star team once for Basketball. He even won a championship for Baseball and Basketball both one time and recently made the championship game but sadly lost by 4 points. He doesn't play on the BCCHS team but he currently plays basketball outside of school as the starting C and sometimes PG for the team. He actually used to play soccer for an entire season but decided it wasn't for him. He has been playing both sports since he was 7 and wants to go pro one day. Other than basketball and baseball, he also watches anything- football, soccer, and basically any other sport. His favorite teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Los Angeles Dodgers for baseball, and the Oakland Raiders for American Football. He also likes doing other activities such as bowling, miniature golfing, and even shopping from time to time. He also plays video games from his family from any sports game on the PlayStation to games on the Nintendo Switch with his 14 year-old sister. One other passion that he has on the side is painting/drawing. He likes to paint and draw along with his sister but doesn't consider himself to be good at it at all but still enjoys trying regardless. Outside of video games and sports, one of his main passions is Broadcast Journalism. His Dream College ever since he was a kid was USC (University of Southern California) and wants to gain a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism so he can become a Sports Broadcaster for an MLB or NBA team in the future. He currently doesn't have a job but would like to work at a place such as Lids, Foot Locker, etc that involves sports and interacting with/helping people out.

He currently is at a 4.0+ GPA and trying to get straight A's for the second time in his High School year. His favorite school subject would be History and Mathematics and his least favorite would be English or Science. He currently only speaks English and Spanish but wants to learn other languages such as Japanese and American Sign Language as well. He doesn't participate in most activities or Clubs at Birmingham but is in Knights and Ladies. He is taking multiple AP/Honors classes and is even in Accelerated Pre-Calc. He is a pretty big fan of statistics and actually wanted to be in one of the statistics classes at BCCHS and is a fan of statistics because of sports. Sean doesn't have a favorite book, TV Show, or movie but enjoys doing all three of these activities in his free time. Sean has gone to two other tiny schools before this: Bassett Elementary and Valley Charter Middle School. His options for High Schools before coming to Birmingham were to going to Magnolia, HTLA, Ulysses Grant High School, or Reseda High School. He even was very close to attending a neighboring school, Daniel Pearl High School, because of his passion for Broadcast Journalism, but ended up going to Birmingham Community Charter High School mainly for the sports and to try out a new, bigger environment. School itself has never been a huge passion of Sean's but he has always been a good student and was even a very shy and introverted student before he finally started to interact with other kids/students. An unusual fact about Sean is that he got 2nd place in a Spelling Bee at his Elementary School during his 5th Grade Year. He also collects NBA SLAM Magazines and reads them in his free time because of his fascination with the sport itself.

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Sean Torrejon