Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice? Who Makes the Decision on Abortion?

pro choice and pro life signs at a protest

pro choice and pro life signs at a protest

Michelle Blas and Sofia Lemus

Pro Life and Pro Choice protestors in Washington D.C.

The topic of pro-life versus pro-choice is a very controversial issue and has fostered many differing opinions. This topic involves talking about abortion and the people who are pro-life (anti-abortion) and the people who are pro-choice (pro-abortion). You are probably wondering what are these issues and who is correct in their beliefs.

The pro-life side has people who think it’s the government’s obligation to make abortion illegal. The pro-choice side has people who believe women should have the right to decide if they want to have an abortion or not.

There are many concerns, questions, and controversies as to why people believe abortion is acceptable and why others think it is not. Some reasons for people having such debatable conversations about this are because some people believe women should have the right to choose if they want to have an abortion because it’s their body and they should have that right. Pro choice people think it’s a woman’s body and it’s their reproductive system, so it should be up to them. Others (pro life people) believe that it’s not acceptable to have an abortion because it’s a living organism and it goes against their god and their religion. You can probably see why this issue can bring so much conflict to the table. This is why people have different and strong opinions because every individual has their own opinion whether or not to make abortion illegal.

a sign of pro-choice and pro-life

 Having an abortion during the second trimester is illegal because that’s when the baby is almost fully developed. This decision depends on the state you’re living in, because some states are more strict then others due to their morals and religion. In other states, the maximum period to have an abortion is at 20 weeks and others are even more restrictive on late-term abortions.

This a debatable subject but whether you’re in favor of pro-life or pro-choice, I think it’s a good idea to fully understand both. We believe that abortion has been a controversial subject in many people’s conversations. Many people having their own opinions, which is understandable.

Pro-life thinkers believe that every life is sacred and should be kept no matter what the situation. Pro-choice supporters take into consideration what a female has gone through and her reasons behind her wanting to have an abortion.

We maintain our opinion of supporting pro-choice just because you don’t know what that person has gone through. A women could have gone through some terrible and traumatic past events,such as rape or incest. Due to that, we think that abortion shouldn’t be illegal. If that women was forced into doing something she didn’t want to one time, then that should not happen a second time by giving birth.

We think a woman should have a say in whether they want to continue with their pregnancy and give birth. We don’t think the government should make abortion illegal because reproducing can make this person remember traumatic events that have occurred in the past and scar her for life because now she is reminded every day of the past. It was also not the fault of that innocent life either, so they shouldn’t have to live a tough life either. The government shouldn’t have the right to choose for a woman and force them to give birth because it’s their body and a woman knows what’s the best for her and her body–not the government.