Racism, Homophobia, and Sexism Are Big Problems in the United States


The following image represents discrimination. Image credit: Airbnb

Reign Cruz, Front Page/News Editor

Discrimination is a pressing issue that we still have today in the United States. It’s sad to see that many people get heavily judged by how they look or their sex or religion or what they do in their bedroom.

It makes things worse because it can affect a person’s education, career, where they choose to live, and more. Things might slightly be better now than they were before, but we have such a long way to go to improve. Discrimination is a critical issue in this country that needs to be addressed immediately.

Racial discrimination is still present in the U.S. Source: JL / The Pharmaceutical Journal

Racism is one of the biggest issues in the United States, yet America is known for having the most diverse society on Earth, with many races, nationalities, and cultures living side by side. Racial discrimination exists everywhere and racism is deeply rooted in the history of our country and the world.

However, society has changed and racism has started to decline further because of social norms. The world is changing drastically against racism and racial hatred, which is good. The extent to which racism pervades this country is a big disappointment to me, but sadly, it looks like racism can’t be totally eliminated because it is too widespread.

Homophobia is another discrimination we face in the U.S. today. Everything about homophobia is so wrong because it’s discrimination against a person’s sexual orientation. Individuals should be able to respect other people and mind their own business. Many people have experienced being bullied and abused because of their homosexuality, and that can lead to very serious mental health issues. Sadly, many people still, in 2020, consider homosexuals to be the worst types of deviants and criminals and face violent oppression and persecution as a result.

Homophobia is another form of discrimination that is still present in the U.S.

Another discrimination that we encounter in the U.S. is gender discrimination. There are different types of gender discrimination including discrimination in education, employment, wages, maternity, and pregnancy.

The main reason sexism is so bad in such a developed nation as the United States is because of systemic social and income inequality.