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Reign Cruz is a seventeen-year-old senior attending Birmingham Community Charter High School. She was born in the Philippines and moved to America when she was three. At the moment, her favorite class is Journalism because of its comfortable atmosphere. Even though as a kid she struggled to learn English for a while and maybe she makes mistakes here and there but she genuinely loves to write a lot and being in the Journalism class helps her thrive with her writing skills. She’s currently a senior now and she tries to diligently do her school work so she can graduate and move on to college.


In school, she doesn’t participate in any sports activities but has some interest in some of them. In her senior year she participates in the Journalism and maybe might join more later. Her goal for her senior year is to make the most of it and make lots of happy memories with her friends. No matter what, she tries her best to be positive. She doesn’t look mean- she probably hadn’t got enough sleep or just stressed with school. She tries her best to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere and will be there for you if you need her.


Some of her hobbies include listening to music, walking, reading, writing, napping, surfing through social media, and playing games on her switch. She loves to listen to Pop, Indie Pop, Alternative R&B, and Contemporary R&B music but most of the time it switches up but those are her go-to music. In her free time, she loves to play video games or surf through social media to past time. Ironically living in California, she really hates the heat and loves the cold. Whenever summer rolls around, she loves the long vacation but hates the weather due to the scorching heat and she refuses to go outside because of it. She loves it when winter rolls around and some reasons include because of the holidays and the cold weather.


In the future, she plans on going to a two-year community college then transfer to a four-year university to work for her bachelor’s degree in nursing. After many years of debating what she wants to do in the future she concluded that she wants to be a nurse and help those in need. In the future, she also hopes to travel a lot with friends or family in the future. She wants to see the world and make many happy memories.

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