Friday Lunch Events and Pep Rallies are Back in the Quad!


ASB showing their blue and gold pride in front of a Friday Pep Rally poster

Eryn Weaver, Front Page/News Editor

Who would have thought that Friday lunches could have gotten any better? Besides it being the end of a busy, tiring week; our Friday lunches just became more fun.

Thanks to the Birmingham ASB and, along with other school clubs, we have been having special events thrown in the quad ever since school started back at the beginning of August. Whether we’re having a pep rally for our school’s football team, or just playing games with our friends, the ASB class always manages to keep us entertained.

Our school, BCCHS, along with other schools in the county of Los Angeles, have been throwing more events outside due to Covid-19. Ever since in-person school started back, schools have been more strict about what they can and can’t do within small crowd capacities. These schools are following the guidelines from the Los Angeles County Health Department.

So our school, and many others, have been throwing more events outside for sporting events, pep rallies, festivals, dances, etc. We can thank our ASB team for working together and figuring out how we can still celebrate and show our school spirit on Fridays.

Yasmine Vardi (12) and Desteny Medina (12) posing for spirit week pride during lunch, in the quad.