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Eryn Weaver, Staff Writer

Eryn Weaver is a 17-year-old senior who attends Birmingham Community Charter High School. She has been enrolled at this school since the beginning of the second semester of her freshman year. She spent her first semester in Alabama, where she lived until January 2019. Her entire family lives in Alabama but her aunt and uncle moved to California in the year 2014. She has been living with them for over 2 years now. Eryn is a very active person who likes to spend the majority of her time at the beach. She enjoys going there with her family or friends and spending the entire day there. She enjoys swimming whether it's at the beach, lake, or pool. She used to be a part of the BCCHS girls swim team before quarantine. She plans on joining another swim team soon, whether it's for the school or outside of school.

Eryn is a HUGE cat person! She has 4 cats all named after Super Mario characters. She and her family are all cat people who love fostering cats from animal shelters. All her cats are named after Super Mario characters because her entire family loves playing Mario-related games.  Eryn also enjoys playing other video games and board games, but for the most part, she enjoys being outside and spending time with her friends.

Eryn is a nice friendly person who, for the most part, gets along with everyone. She tends to be quiet when around people she doesn't really know, but that won't stop her from being nice to the people around her. Eryn does not plan on going to college straight out of high school. She is waiting to go to college when she is older and has more of an idea of what she wants to do. Therefore, after high school, she plans on getting a full-time job and traveling around a bit while she has time. Her main goal is to travel most of the west coast and all the countries she has on her bucket list.

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Eryn Weaver