An Awesome Night at the Hollywood Bowl with The Neighbourhood Live

Sarai Menjivar, Staff Writer

If you didn’t go see Chip Chrome and The Mono-Tones live at The Hollywood Bowl, you missed out on a great performance. You might know them as The Neighbourhood, and I had the wonderful opportunity to go see one of my favorite bands of all time.

If you don’t know who The Neighbourhood is, perhaps you’ve been living under a rock. Just in case, here is some information about them: they are a small rock band that started around 2011. Jesse Rutherford is the lead vocalist, Jermey Freedman is the guitarist, Zach Abels and Mikey Marggott play the bass, and Brandon Alexander Fried is the drummer. 

On October 9th at 7:30 p.m., the wonderful experience started. The opening performances were by Yeek and Dora Jar. I personally enjoyed the Dora Jar performance as she sang her most popular songs: “Scab,” “Garden,” and “Polly.”

Around 9 p.m., the main event started which was the moment everyone was waiting for. All the lights turned off and the spotlight hit the middle of the stage. The crowd went wild and everyone was getting out their phones to record the big entrance of Chip Chrome (Jesse Rutherford). Finally, he appeared and all you heard were fans screaming. You then began to hear the beat of their song “Pretty Boy” start to play. A couple of seconds later and the fans started singing their hearts out. 

They performed songs from their new album to their oldest. Some songs they performed were “Pretty Boy,” “Cherry Flavoured,” “Sadderdaze,” “The Beach,” “Wires,” “Crybaby,” “Sweater Weather,” “Stargazing,” and more.

During the performance of the song “Wiped Up,” Rutherford did his iconic swing where he grabs onto a microphone that is hanging from the stage and swings around uncontrollably while the fans go wild and cheer him on.

Jesse ended the night with the song “Stuck With You.” Obviously, the fans were sad that the night was coming to an end but still sang and danced their hearts out. At the end of the concert, Rutherford thanked his fans for coming and talked about how much he appreciated them.

Overall, I think the concert was an awesome experience and I had a lot of fun. I wish the night had never ended, and I would definitely go see them again.