Buzz Lightyear Trailer Has Pixar Fans Looking Forward to Next Summer


Official Lightyear Poster

Daniel Cortez, Staff Writer

On October 27, Pixar released the first official teaser for the new film, Lightyear. The movie comes out during the summer of 2022. From what we’ve heard about the movie, it’ll be about the real Buzz Lightyear. The real Buzz Lightyear, meaning the real person the toy is based on, is found in the Toy Story universe. The toy is based on astronauts, but everyone should know that by this point.

The teaser was beautifully made. It features the song “Starman” by David Bowie and this makes the teaser even better since the movie is about an astronaut. At the beginning of the teaser, we see Buzz suiting up at the Star Command Base, getting ready to take off in his spaceship.

Throughout the trailer, we see Buzz traveling around the galaxy. The animation looks like some of the best we’ve ever seen, but then again, the movie is made by Pixar, so this high quality shouldn’t be a surprise.

A beautiful looking shot of Buzz staring at his iconic suit

The announcement of this film a year ago confused a lot of Pixar fans. Everyone believed it was unnecessary and that Chris Evans wouldn’t do a great job voicing the astronaut we all know and love.

After a one-minute teaser, it seems like everyone has changed their views about the animated film. The teaser has accumulated 11 million views and 300k likes on YouTube in only a month.

The film looks like it’ll be influenced by Star Wars, which makes sense, since in Toy Story 2, Zurg reveals to Buzz that he is his father, the same way Darth Vader reveals to Luke that he is Luke’s father. In the teaser, you also see Buzz take off in his spaceship and it looks like the hyperspace travel that we see in the Star Wars movies.

Overall, the movie looks to be a very enjoyable time and a great addition to the Toy Story franchise. This franchise means a lot to kids and adults around the world and I’m sure everyone will either like or love it. If the movie performs well at the box office, then maybe this can open the door for similar movies for the other Toy Story characters. A film like this for Woody the Sheriff would be interesting to see.

Buzz in his Spaceship