Daniel Cortez

Daniel Cortez, Staff Writer

Daniel Cortez is a 15-year-old sophomore at Birmingham High School. His hobbies are listening to music, collecting vinyl, reading, and playing video games. Daniel is smart, trustworthy, and the nicest person you'll ever know. It's his second year at Birmingham, but his first year taking classes on campus. He looks forward to writing stories for the Patriot Post. Daniel hopes to be accepted into either UCLA or CSUN after he graduates from Birmingham. Daniel loves nothing more than his family and friends. He hopes to have a good time for the remaining 3 years of his time at Birmingham. Daniel has a dream to work in the film industry and write movies or he wishes to write books and become an author.

Daniel loves writing. He believes joining journalism will expand his love and interest for writing. Journalism can help Daniel with his aspirations of becoming an author or movie writer. He has always loved writing since elementary school. He loves expressing his opinions and thoughts through writing.  Whether it's a short paragraph or an essay, he still loves to write. Even if he knows nothing about what he's writing about, he'll still enjoy learning and writing about topics he's learned about.

Daniel's favorite thing in the world is listening to music. He can never go a day without listening to music; it's a necessity for him. He loves all types of music, but rap is his favorite genre. He also loves Rock, R&B, and Pop. His favorite musician is Kanye West and his favorite bands are, The Beatles, Nirvana, and Queen. His favorite album ever is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. He also loves all types of movies. His favorite movie is , "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" or "The Florida Project". He spends all day listening to music and watching movies. His favorite video game is "Batman: Arkham City".

Daniel wishes to become a filmmaker or an author because movies and books are distractions for him from the world. When there were problems for him growing up, movies and books would help him. He wishes to do the same for kids that went through what he went through. He wants to start off making movies for children then move onto more appropriate movies. One of his dreams is to make a movie for DC or Marvel. As long as Daniel makes a movie or write a book, he will be satisfied with his life.

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Daniel Cortez