Los Angeles Covid-19 Vaccine Indoor Business and School Mandate


Proof of vaccination sign

Katherine Villasenor, Staff Writer

Vaccines are coming into play as Los Angeles has passed a mandate that requires proof of vaccination everywhere from schools to restaurants.

It has been well over a year and a half since the initial coronavirus pandemic struck the world. The first case was recorded in Wuhan, China, in 2019. After much research and almost two entire years of quarantining and social distancing, scientists have still yet to find a definite cure for the virus. However, vaccines have been made to prevent hospitalizations and death due to the virus.

Vaccines have now been distributed throughout the world and have been taken by hundreds of millions of people. While the vaccines have been approved as safe and effective, some people are hesitant to take the vaccine and still have doubts about its safety. The vaccine has been approved by both the FDA and the CDC and has gone through months of testing to ensure that it is safe.

Vaccine and vaccination card

The Los Angeles Unified School District is one example of how this mandate has gone into effect.  Students have returned to school full-time. Students and staff are wearing masks and maintaining social distancing regulations on campus. Students and staff are also Covid-19 testing on a weekly basis. It has now become mandatory to be vaccinated in order to stay on campus.

Some parents have protested and stopped sending their children to schools to protest against these regulations. Some claim that the vaccine is unsafe as well as a violation of their rights. Other parents are for the vaccine and are protesting for the safety of everyone.

No vaccine, no entry sign

Moreover, public places such as restaurants, amusement parks, and even some movie theaters throughout LA County, are requiring proof of vaccination at the entrance. With the Covid-19 pandemic constantly rising and falling, many establishments feel it’s important to make sure that the virus does not spread.

Places such as movie theaters and amusement parks were greatly affected by quarantine and social distancing, and now that they are back, they want to ensure that everyone is safe. This vaccine mandate, as well as the mandatory mask mandate combined with social distancing regulations, is what is helping these businesses stay open to the public and what will open up more jobs in the future. Even with all these regulations and rules in place, some businesses are still hesitant about reopening.

Overall, the vaccine is helping stop the spread of Covid-19 and enabling people to beat the virus. Cases have dropped greatly since the vaccine has been distributed to the public–clearly showing that it is helping.

It seems like the vaccine is here to stay and it is advised by many experts and health authorities that everyone should get it. It is not only keeping you safe but also protects the people around you. This is our new normal so people should start considering getting this vaccine.