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Katherine Villasenor is a 16-year-old senior here at Birmingham High School. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. Katherine enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends. She is very outgoing in that she always loves trying new things. She loves being around her family at all times and tries to keep all of them close. Her parents are very important to her. They are who she has looked up to her whole life and she hopes one day she could take care of them as they do for her. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, baking, and cooking. Whenever her mom is in the kitchen she always tries her best to learn and get involved. Baking has always been something she loved to do. Even if it's straight from a box or made from scratch, she tries her best. She loves animals especially her pets which are two cats and one dog. Her pets are her best friends whom she looks forward to seeing every day once she gets home.

Music is a very big part of her day here at school; she can never go without it. Music is what gets her through the day and keeps her happy. She loves all types of music except country. You can catch her listening to something new every day. School is fairly easy for her but there are times where she feels lazy and gives up, but most of the time she tries her best to get the work done. School has also always been a big priority for her. Whenever she fails a class she always does everything in her power to make it up. She is determined to go to a good school and get her bachelor's degree. The future is something that really scares Katherine. She is never sure of what she wants to do in the long term but she will figure it out eventually. She wants to make her family proud so she is determined to do everything in her power to do it.

Katherine is of Mexican descent and she loves her culture with all her heart. She has gone to Michoacan, the place her mother was born and she loved it. It is full of nature: the type of nature you will never find here in Los Angeles. She loves Mexican food and she believes her mom makes the best Mexican food. She hopes one day she could return to beautiful Mexico. She also loves California. In all honesty, she can't picture herself living anywhere else. California is beautiful in its own way and she just loves all the vibes.


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Katherine Villasenor