Spider-Man No Way Home Delivers Emotional MCU Timeline

Jimena Palomo, Staff Writer

The long-anticipated Spider-Man No Way Home movie is finally here. Many fans had come up with many theories since the official trailer dropped in late November last year.

These same fans did not see everything that actually became possible in this new move. Fans had come to the conclusion that this new movie, starring British actor Tom Holland, would connect to Phase 4 of the MCU. Many fans were in utter shock after the end credit scene that starred the Scarlett Witch played by Elizebeth Olsen.

Fans are not sure what it meant, but in the end credit scene, we see her doing some type of black magic, or at least that’s what the internet believes she is doing. This is the same thing she was doing at the end of the 2021 Disney+ hit show Wandavision after all events took place. Fans also believe that this specific scene will have to do with Dr. Strange’s new movie that will make its hit debut in 2022. It is not clear when this movie with hit theatres, but it is certain that it will be coming out at some point in 2022.

That specific scene wasn’t the only shocker that played out in this film.  [Spoilers Ahead!!] All versions of spiderman come into this new movie, which was one of the biggest theories that surfaced on the internet after the trailer was released last year.  We all see the different suits that look very distinct from each other.

When Ned opened a portal halfway through the movie, we see both Andrew’s and Tobey’s versions of spiderman enter the screen. They both explain the changes that happened in their own timeline and now realize how they ended up in a different timeline with Tom’s version of Peter Parker. This all is a result of Dr Strange doing a spell to make everyone forget about Spiderman’s real identity.

Fans all expected this to happen, but it was still a shocker even after it had been confirmed by Andrew Garfield after he nodded his head to a fan while leaving an interview earlier this December.

What is a Marvel movie without shedding some tears? Does this movie relate to each version of spiderman where each one loses somebody important to them? Tobey losing his uncle, Andrew’s version losing Gwen, and finally, Tom’s version losing his beloved Aunt May and girlfriend MJ and Ned forgetting about him.

This brings all fans to tears to see Peter have to pretend as if he didn’t know who his best friend and lover were–as if they never existed in his life! Even more, fans were relieved to find out that this version of MJ wouldn’t be dead by the end of the movie because MJ had been saved by Andrew’s version of Spiderman. Andrew’s version, later on, began to speak about everything he had lost–from losing his uncle Ben to then losing his lover Gwen because he couldn’t save her.