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Jimena Palomo, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Jimena Palomo is a 14-year-old junior attending Birmingham Community Charter High School. She has been attending this school since her freshman year. She enjoys spending time with her family as they have always been one of Jimena’s main priorities. She also enjoys spending time with friends. Jimena’s goal in life as of now is to become a pediatric oncologist. She dreams of getting into UCLA. She knows it will take time and lots of effort which is something she doesn't mind. She hopes to one day also have her own consultancy to work in. Jimena is trying to take as many classes in the medical field offered at school to make her dream come true.

Some of Jimena’s hobbies include baking and cooking. She has always loved baking and cooking treats and meals, especially during the Holidays. During this lockdown, Jimena really got into binge-watching shows like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and many more. One of Jimena’s interests is music. She listens to Bands/Musicians like Harry Styles, Mac DeMarco, The NBHD, Chase Atlantic, and Arctic Monkeys. Jimena also enjoys going onto Media to learn/read about worldwide news. Jimena is also intrigued about topic likes true crime and enjoys watching documentaries based on this topic. One of her favorite sports is baseball. She has enjoyed this sport since 3rd grade when she was introduced to the sport.

Jimena someday dreams to travel the world and learn about various different cultures. She dreams of going to places like Bali, Spain, France, Brazil, and Peru. Jimena also very much likes the idea of someday in the future owning three dogs being a husky, pit bull, and a golden retriever. She really wants to own her own pit bull as Jimena thinks they are not treated well just because of their breed. She is a very big dog lover. Jimena has always been a person who has her future planned out but knows that everything will not always go according to plan. Jimena would like to own her own place by the age of 20 and would like to go into the real world being an independent person who is working hard to make all her dreams come true one day at a time.

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Jimena Palomo