Encanto is a Heartwarming and Colorful Film

Ireri Torres, Staff Writer

Encanto is a Disney movie based on the Madrigal family who live in the beautiful mountains of Colombia. A magic candle has given everyone in the family a different gift, except for Mirabel.


The storyline of Encanto was emotional and heartwarming. I feel as if Encanto will touch the audience’s hearts because it had wholesome and relatable moments.

Each character in the film had their own unique personality. The characters also had their own perfections and imperfections about themselves, which I think is a good feature of the film. Another good aspect of the film is that it had a lot of conflict and action that I believe the audience will enjoy. The film had the audience on the edge of their seat wondering what the next scene would be.

At times in the movie I felt as if your mood would change every so often because of how much conflict was in the film. Some scenes had you nearly tearing up and some had you angry. The music in Encanto was catchy and made the film more alive than it was. I feel as if the music made the film ten times better because it really made me engaged.

The film had such a realistic effect because it was so colorful and aesthetically pleasing to look at. The detailing and animation in the film were amazing. It had a very bright setting with lots of creative details and I believe the variety of colors in the film will catch the eyes of the audience.

I also enjoyed how a lot of Cuban culture was presented in this film. Diversity is also a big part of this film because of how diverse the population is in Columbia. Overall, this heartwarming movie will touch everyone emotionally.