K-Pop Group Twice Begins U.S. Tour in Inglewood


Twice performing on stage in 2016

Ashley Piedra, Staff Writer

Twice is a K-pop group that is popular worldwide. In total, there are nine members who formed into a musical group back in 2015.

The group members started as “trainees,” which meant they had to learn songs and dances as a way to start practicing for future success and preparing for their initial debut performance.

The original members started collaborating on October 7, 2015, when they officially became a group. It was announced on social media that this new group called Twice would debut with their mini-album titled, The Story Begins, which included a dance track called “Must be Crazy.”

This popular song received over 50 million views in five months, making Twice one of the first K-Pop groups to have their debut music video go viral. Twice was also the first K-pop all-girl group to hold a dome tour in Japan, which attracted over 210,000 people. Over the years, Twice became more and more popular, to the point where they had documentaries, web shows, reality shows, and concerts.

They started their U.S. tour this year, and the tour started on February 16, 2022, at The Forum in Inglewood, California. This was their first concert in person since the pandemic began, and went from 7-10 p.m.  Social media hyped the event on the internet, showing people having fun and meeting the group in person.