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Ashley Piedra, Staff Writer

Ashley Piedra is a 15-year-old sophomore at BCCHS. She's been into photography for a while and she wants to have her own photography business. Ashley is pretty shy at first but can be outgoing. Some of her hobbies are gymnastics, listening to music, playing with her dog, reading, and watching anime. She's been doing gymnastics for about 5 years. Her usual routine during the weekends is hanging out with her family, going out to eat, or going somewhere new. On Friday's Ashley gets to hang out with her friends that she's known for many years. She always has a fun time with them. They usually eat pizza and watch different types of movies. Ashley has always loved to do gymnastics because it's a way for her to have fun and work out at the same time. She's also excited to be in both filmmaking and journalism this year. She gets to practice how to use a proper camera and how to write a proper newspaper.

Ashley's parents are always helping her out and supporting her. They've always encouraged her to keep trying and not give up so easily. Thanks to her parents she was able to work harder and improve her grades over the years. Now she's hardworking and doesn't give up so easily. She also knows two languages which are English and Spanish but she is learning Korean. As well as the culture, she finds Korea very interesting and wants to travel there soon. Some of Ashley's favorite books and mangas are The Wrath and The Dawn, Sailor Moon, Fruit Basket, and Attack on Titian. She likes to read in her free time because reading is a way for her to relax and enjoy a good story. Ashley's three main goals for this year are to pass all her classes with straight A's and to also learn how to film and edit well. Ashley's favorite foods are tamales, chicken with rice and smash potatoes, and pasta.  She also likes to be both an outside person and an inside person; it depends on her mood if she feels like staying home and watching shows or going outside and going to new places.

She likes adventures because going to places with friends and family is a fun way for her to spend time with people she cares about. She also wants to join clubs this year because it can help her learn more about the club and the people it. She thinks it would be a good and fun experience. Her club interest is a club that is about photography or film. Some stuff she wants to improve on in her life is cooking because she wants to start cooking for herself more often and so she can help her mom. Ashley also wants to improve on her social skills. She wants to be more outgoing so she can make more friends. It isn't going to be easy but she will try her hardest.

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Ashley Piedra