Elden Ring: Newest Addition to the Souls Franchise

Elden Ring Cover Art

Elden Ring Cover Art

Anthony Acevedo, Photography Editor

Elden Ring is the newest addition to a line of games from the developer, FromSoftware, which is the same company that developed the Dark Souls trilogy, as well as the original version of Demon’s Souls.

The game’s story was written by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin. The landscape of the game was inspired by Martin’s book series that also inspired the HBO series, Game of Thrones, both being of the fantasy genre.

During the week of release, February 25, 2022, there had been numerous 10/10 reviews online saying very good things about the game, many positive comments coming from critics such as IGN.

However, as of late on social media, fans have been complaining about the game because they’re either having difficulty with a certain boss, or they have never played a Souls game before. Most of the complaints about the game being hard are likely because some players put all of their skill points in one stat (strength, agility, etc.) and don’t even it out among several stats.

In the above instance, fans have been saying that the players who are having a hard time progressing in boss fights aren’t accumulating their points in vigor–which increases your character’s health, but also increases defense stats such as fire resistance and immunity.

Soul Series game developers

Having balanced stats is a good thing when playing a Souls game because of how notoriously hard the games in the franchise are supposed to be. Focusing on one skill will surely put a first-time player at a disadvantage during a boss fight. For many veteran players, though, this is common knowledge.

Many online players have resigned to disparaging the game because of not knowing this strategy. These people trash the game often because of their own shortcomings.

To summarize the plot of the game, players are supposed to travel to the realm of “The Lands Between.” They must then collect all of the Great Runes and ultimately restore the Elden Ring and then become the Elden Lord.

According to a Reddit post, the Elden Lord is not one who masters the power of the ring but someone who is a vessel for the power.