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Anthony Acevedo is a 17-year-old senior who attends Birmingham Community Charter High School. Anthony is someone with very few interests but the things he is interested in he is very passionate about. His interests include things such as reading, watching anime, and playing video games although his interest in video games is not as prominent as the other two. Anthony has two pet dogs, a German shepherd named Bella and a mixed breed poodle named Luna named after the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood. His two dogs are very loving and playful, and they love to chase each other around. Anthony has a very small circle of friends and even though he doesn't have very many friends he cherishes them as if they were his own family and hopes to be able to create more memories and keep in contact after high school and into college.

Anthony himself is a very goal-oriented person who is always thinking about his future. He has attempted to take a college class and an AP class his freshman year but the workload was too much for him to handle so he ended up dropping both classes. This year he is going to attempt to take both types of classes so that he could put both in his college applications and can't wait until he finishes his applications to relieve some stress. As for his college plans, he plans on applying to a community college and then transferring to a 4 year afterward. Anthony plans on going to college for film school. He has wanted to become a TV editor ever since he was in middle school. Editing and film production have always been a fascination for him and he aims to work for the company NBC.

Anthony enjoys watching lots of comedy TV, especially ones created by writer and director Micheal Schur. During quarantine due to boredom, he binged a show called Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It's a comedy that's centered around detectives who of course solve cases. They also have these Halloween-themed episodes which are called "Halloween Heists" which is a game that was first devised by a character named Jake Peralta. The cast typically splits into teams to be the first to find an object that was shown at the start of the episode and the person in any team, who finds it first will be crowned a "king" followed by some bizarre title. I also really enjoy the episodes with this character named Doug Judy who's called the Pontiac bandit because when he was first introduced he was mentioned having stolen a car. He and the character Jake usually get into weird antics, but I don't know if I'll get to see these to types of episodes because season 8 which is the final season, only has ten episodes

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Anthony Acevedo