Apple’s New iPhone SE is Here in a Variety of Colors

The New iPhone SE: third generation

The New iPhone SE: third generation

Emely Lazo, Managing Editor

To all Apple lovers, iPhone has announced that the new iPhone SE is coming out soon!

During Apple’s Peak Performance event, Apple unveiled its third generation, midrange, $429 iPhone.  Like the previous iPhone SE, it will deliver all the core iPhone features.

This new iPhone will have the same similarities as the second-generation iPhone SE. The only fallout about this new iPhone is that the price will bump up to $30 more than the previous price tags. Also, the newly-revealed Phone 13’s newest color is green, and the iPhone 13 Max Pro comes in an Alpine Green color.

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Some of the similarities this new iPhone SE will have are that it’s a nearly identical design with the iconic home button and it will still have the 4.7-inch Retina HD display. You will also get the same sharp vibrant picture with built-in haptic touch.

You can select between the two new colors Midnight and Starlight, or go with the famous Product Red. It will include some of the iPhone 13 durability improvements which include having tougher rear glass which makes the SE more shatter-resistant.

It will also include the same IP67 water and dust resistance. So if you drop your phone in the pool or puddle, don’t fret because your iPhone will be okay! The SE will also come with exact same chip as the iPhone 13–which means a smooth running iOS 15.4 that will let you take photos and videos with a super-quick camera that makes amazing edits in apps like iMovie and Afterlight. This will mean that the SE will have a longer battery life than the other SE older-generation models.

iPhone SE Color Options

Apple will be sticking with a single 12 megapixel wider angle lens that will support an array of shooting modes, including the popular portrait mode and video recording modes like 4K, Slo-mo and Time-lapse.

Lastly, the iPhone SE will come with support for 5G sub-6 like the iPhone 13 and it will also support 4G LTE.

If you’re considering getting the new iPhone or want to upgrade your SE to the newest version, the iPhone SE preorders will start on March 11 and will be shipping to customers on March 18.