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Emely Lazo, Managing Editor

Emely Lazo is a 17-year-old who attends Birmingham Charter. She's been enrolled since freshmen year and has learned many new experiences. She is a Latina; her parents are from El Salvador and they came to California to have their dream of having a better life for their family. Emely was born and raised in the city of Van Nuys since the day she was born, October 3rd, 2003.

Her family is really important to her because they are her rock and motivation. They have helped Emely reach many of her goals by giving her the inspiration and positivity to achieve her goals and dreams. If she failed at one thing, they always told her to try again, especially her mom. Her mom is her role model and inspiration. She wants to be just like her mom, who is always happy and kind to everybody, and she is someone who lives in the moment.

She also loves food and will say yes to any type of food except sushi. She is not a big sushi fan. She has given it a try twice before, but she is willing to try it again if someone invites her for sushi. One of her favorite activities to do in her spare time is going to amusement parks. She loves Six Flags and it is one of the main places she would go visit before Covid-19. She hopes she will return to Disneyland this September with her cousin and go to Six Flags with her friends soon.

Emely wants to attend a 4-year university where she would major in accounting or in business. She has received many offers from private schools in the state of California and their offers include scholarships. She is hopeful that one day she will be inspirational to others and help others have a positive mindset to achieve their own goals as well.

She is even thinking of creating her own business in cosmetics and clothing because it was, and still is, something that helped her mental health in so many ways. She says it's her happy zone when it comes to makeup and clothes, and she would love to share her ideas and creations with others. However, as of now she is focused on school and completing 12th grade. In her spare time, she likes to go for walks around the beach or out in nature. She thinks that mental health is really important and sometimes it is important to focus on ourselves, so we can be healthier inside and have a more positive mindset.

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Emely Lazo