Queen Elizabeth II Dies, the English Throne Passes to Her Son, King Charles III

Drawing of Queen Elizabeth ll
(public domain)

Drawing of Queen Elizabeth ll (public domain)

Aransy Munoz, Staff Writer

Queen Elizabeth II, unfortunately, died at age 96 at her home in Scotland, Balmoral Castle, on September 8th, 2022. During her 70 years of reign, she served as the queen regent of 32 independent states. She was the longest of any British monarchs to have ruled as well as being the world’s longest-serving female head of state.

Many people were devastated and heartbroken when hearing about the queen’s death, and thousands of people gathered outside of Buckingham palace to pay tribute. The queen’s death didn’t only affect her followers and the people she reigned over, but it also affected her family. Queen Elizabeth’s death has brought her whole family together to mourn her death, including prince Harry and his wife and ex-Hollywood actress, Megan Markle.

Queen Elizabeth enjoying a day at the Epsom derby. (Photo: freesvg.org)

Elizabeth II was very successful in maintaining the monarchy, even in bad times. The queen has had many great accomplishments during her lifetime. For example, she was the first British monarch to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress.

Before she became queen, she wanted to enlist herself to serve in World War II, but since she was in line for the throne, the royal family couldn’t risk the future queen’s life. Fortunately, after refusing to take no for an answer, the soon-to-be-queen Elizabeth was approved to join and enlisted herself.

The queen was also one of the greatest supporters of charities. One of her main charities works to reduce poverty. Another one of her greatest accomplishments was that she supported racial equality and advancement in the world. Queen Elizabeth accomplished many great things during her lifetime, and she will be greatly missed by her supporters and family.

Now that the queen’s reign is over, her eldest son, Prince Charles, (alongside his second wife Camilla), has now become the new king of the British monarchy.  He chose the name, King Charles III. Many people have mixed thoughts regarding their new king.

Charles III, at the age of 73 will become the oldest monarch to take the throne in a lineage that goes back 1000 years. Disparagers believe that the new king is vain, weak, interfering, and not well-equipped for his new role in the monarchy. Others say that he will always be associated with his failed marriage to his first wife, the one and only Princess Diana.