New Academy Period at BCCHS Proves Very Beneficial to Students

Emely Urrutia, Staff Writer

The newest addition to the BCCHS schedule is the Academy period. This Academy period was introduced to our schedule this year to prioritize students’ mental health and well-being. This new academy can decrease stress and anxiety in students’ everyday lives by focusing on mindfulness (breathing and focusing on the present), community-building, and academic skill-building.

The new Academy period is every Wednesday for 60 minutes, right after the first period, so most students won’t miss it. This class has students learning about healthier ways how to control their breathing and anxiety. It discusses topics of anxiety, depression, ways to open up socially with others, and more.

This class may also lead students to become better listeners because everyone takes turns speaking about the topic provided by the teacher. A method of creating better listening and opening-up skills involves students gathering around in a circle and each of them having a chance to speak up about the topic provided to them by the teacher.

The new binders were provided during the Academy period.

Although this class is not academic (it is worth one grade point), some students may prioritize their time to catch up on work assigned by their teachers which can lead to better grades overall.  The advantages of the Academy period vary by granting students extra study time with their Academy teachers, time to express their emotions of the prior week or weekend, and time to create healthier scholastic and life habits overall.

This academy class also allows students to regroup. Jackie Pachecho (12), said, “I think the Academy period is very beneficial because since I’m a senior, the class talks about college applications and how to apply. I feel like it’s good to get different explanations from different people.”

While current seniors have no past experience with the new Academy period, incoming freshmen may find this period convenient if they have any questions about their new school and their new experiences. They can then ask their teacher or older peers.

Since the Academy period is a newer addition to the Birmingham schedule, we may see some new improvements and changes upcoming in the future.