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Emely Urrutia, Staff Writer

Emely Urrutia is a senior at Birmingham Charter High school. She enjoys spending her time at thrift stores, flea markets, music shows, and being in nature. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini and she is looking forward to new experiences throughout the years. She enjoys talking to and meeting different people with different perspectives on life. She is a good listener and has a lot of empathy toward others. She considers herself to be a spiritual person and is very interested in learning about the universe and different philosophies people have in life. Emely grew up with a single father so she was raised as a tomboy but embraced her femininity as she has grown older. She also grew up as an only child which helped her learn independence and how to enjoy her own company. While growing up she always kept to herself friends and family wise which lead her on her own self-discovery journey. On that journey, she learned her likes and dislikes. She likes sweet scents, sushi, fashion, music, antique stores, horror movies, and more. Her dislikes are uptight people, awkward silence, floral prints, spiders, and more.

Emely's upbringing was a little different from other kids. Growing up with only a dad and no mom made it a little difficult to express herself in more feminine ways.  To cope with her issues, she discovered the power of music and how powerful it can be and make you feel. Some of her favorite music genres are alternative, rock,  rap, shoe gaze, oldies pop, and a lot more.  Stress about life and school often affects Emely a lot but she's learned that one of the strongest things a person can do is overcome your struggles even when it is tough. Emely isn't sure what she wants to do in the future but she knows she wants to graduate from college. Her life goals are to make an impact on someone's life, gain inner peace and confidence, start a family, and be successful. Her idea of success differs from some people because she believes success can be anything. In her eyes success can be something as simple as getting better at a task or something more spiritual and meaningful can be considered as success for her.

A goal for her before high school ends is to gain more friends, pass her classes, be accepted in a college, and to graduate.


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Emely Urrutia