2022-23 MLB Off Season Underway in Arizona and Florida

Joseph Mata, Staff Writer

The MLB Off Season has started and is underway in Arizona and Florida. There are still big players on the market with some of the top shortstops in all of baseball signing big contracts worth over $300 million for over 13 years with no-trade clauses or opt-outs.

Some big-name players that have signed to teams with big contracts are Trea Turner (Phillies), Xander Bogaerts(Padres), and Carlos Correa(Twins). These are just some of the best shortstops in the league.  Another big-name acquisition was Carlos Rodon, a pitcher on the free market who signed with the New York Yankees several weeks ago.

There are many good arms on the market and good position players but teams have to be very careful not to go over the luxury cap because of luxury taxes. The Mets didn’t care and acquired many players like Justin Verlander, José Quintana, and Kodai Senga.  The Mets have been very active on the market and have one of the best rotations in baseball.

Justin Verlander seems just like a guy who just gets better as he ages. Other teams are active but not as much as the Mets have been.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, our city’s baseball team, has signed several players, but these two players stand out at the moment: Jason Heyward and Noah Syndergaard.

Heyward is a former All-Star outfielder and the Dodgers are hoping to rehabilitate him so he can make the big league lineup. Heyward did sign a minor-league contract with the Dodgers. Another player the Dodgers have signed is Noah Syndergaard. His best season was 2016, when he posted a 2.60 ERA, the best of his career. He’s hoping the pitching staff from the Dodgers can turn his career around.

The Dodgers are known for fixing former elite pitchers and making them elite again. There is a huge list of MLB pitchers and position players still on the market. Baseball is a huge sport to cover, especially during the off-season due to huge trades and player signings.

I’m sure the baseball season is still going to be active this winter and there are still some pretty decent players out there right now and teams are seeking to acquire many of them.