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Joseph Mata, Staff Writer

Joseph Mata is a 15-year-old and a sophomore at Birmingham Community Charter High School. Joseph is very interested in sports, he is mainly into baseball for the most part. Joseph loves to watch and play baseball, he started playing when he was very young at the age of 9. Joseph watches baseball 24/7, he rarely misses any games. Every time the Dodgers score a run or make a cool play Joseph starts clapping and cheering inside his home. He also knows a lot about baseball; his favorite team is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

When Joseph is older he wants to do journalism with a focus on broadcast and sports. He tries his best to make himself proud and set the table for his future. He wants to go to a 4-year university. He would like to stay close to home and not go far. But his dream is to attend the University of Michigan.

Joseph loves to listen to music. His favorite genre is rap. He listens to music when he is either doing homework, studying, or playing video games. In Joseph's free time he likes to go to Dodger games. One of the best games Joseph has attended was the All-Star Game with his dad. He also likes to go hiking when he gets the chance. Joseph also likes to go walking and running. He prefers to go during the nighttime because it is usually colder and less warm. Joseph's favorite months are October because the postseason and baseball games get crazy and they are the best. November is also his favorite month because it is also his birthday month on the 15th, and December because it gets cold and Joseph loves the cold. He also likes hot chocolate and enjoys Christmas very much. Another thing he loves about December is that he can stay warm and sleep and also wear very soft comfy clothes.



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Joseph Mata