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400s Construction Delayed Due to Consecutive Atmospheric Rivers Hitting Southern California

In mid-December, Birmingham became more active due to the new bathrooms and classroom construction project. If students pass by the 400s, they can see the improvements in the construction over the past few months.

Besides the vast amount of rain falling, the school has been dealing with a lot of overcrowded classrooms and now, with the new construction of classrooms, BCCHS will have less cramped classrooms. These bungalows will help students have a better learning experience.

The new bathrooms and classrooms will help provide a lot more opportunities for students and staff.  The total cost for the bathrooms and classrooms was $1.9 million. If students knew how much money is going toward this new construction project, they might appreciate the added rooms more.

These bathrooms will help benefit the students that have their classes near the 400s. The new bathrooms will also help students who need to use the bathroom not go to the office, H, D, and F hall bathrooms. They will also allow students to return to class more quickly and efficiently without any complications.

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Since the beginning of the school year, there hasn’t been much activity from the construction zone and many students and staff have been wondering why they haven’t provided more information about the construction.

Our amazing science department chairperson, Mrs. Baker stated, “If there are faculty bathrooms near student bathrooms, teachers will not use them.” This means that teachers will not end up using these bathrooms once they open up.

Principle Ari Bennett (photo: yearbook staff)

Our principal, Ari Bennett states, “The bathrooms were supposed to be done by early April, but due to rain complications in December, the construction was pushed back to early May.”

Does this mean that the construction date will be extended due to the lack of construction activity? The construction started getting more active in mid-January; but lately, in early February, we aren’t getting as much activity near the 400s.

The classrooms, like the restrooms, are taking a lot longer than Mr.Bennett thought they would due to the amount of time that was wasted in December. The new classrooms will also allow more students to have a better learning experience and more one-on-one time with their teacher.

The teachers will be very happy to know that this new construction will allow new teachers to be added to our staff this year. Maybe this will open an opportunity for students to get more involved with school and their peers.

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