Anastacia Garcia

Anastacia Garcia

Anastacia Garcia is a 15-year-old sophomore attending Birmingham Community Charter High School. Born in Sylmar, California, she dreams of becoming a famous psychologist and making her family proud. Now in her second year of high school, she feels more confident about where her future may lead her.

When she first entered BCCHS, she was very nervous about what high school would be like. Most people call her Ana since she doesn't like her first name that much. She always daydreams about going to UCLA or CSUN to pursue her dream of becoming a psychologist. She has many friends and is a straightforward person to talk to, and many people say that she will stop whatever she's doing to help you. Anastacia joined Journalism this semester and she is very excited to see what kind of writer she will become in the future.

Anastacia loves helping people in need, listening to music, and taking care of her twin cousins. She loves listening to Latino Music, Love Songs, and Rap. Some of her favorite artists are The Weeknd, Ramon Ayala, Chalino Sanchez, Los Tememarios, Post Malone, and 21 Savage. Listening to music is very relaxing after a long day and it also helps her think. You will mostly see her doing her favorite thing in the world which is hanging out with her family or friends.

When she is not with her family or friends, she likes to binge-watch a lot of Netflix shows. Her favorite shows include the following: Riverdale, Ginny & Georgia, Love Alarm, Love, Victor, and Mayans M.C. Helping people is one of the most important things to Anastacia. She doesn't like to hear about people who can't talk about their feelings. She is a very good listener and a very good advice-giver and many people tell her that she's one of the most important people in their lives due to this reason. She loves being around nature if there is an opportunity to be around nature she will take it.

Overall, Anastacia is a 10th-grader who loves to be around her family and friends. She is very excited about this semester in Journalism and hopes she will be an inspiring writer for kids her age. She will not give up on her hopes and dreams even if her life depended on them. As she always says, "If There is No Struggle, There is No Progress."

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Anastacia Garcia