Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Lives Up to All the Hype

Andrew Aguirre, Staff Writer

After 11 long years, we finally got the sequel to the long-awaited movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. This sequel had a lot of hype since it has been 11 years since the last one. It was going viral all over social media because of the movie’s new villain who is a wolf. He would always show up with scythes and a really chilling whistle, they called him Death which is why Puss in Boots feared him. To everyone, that was one of the main reasons this movie was so hyped & eager to be watched.

The movie made 12 million dollars on the opening weekend which was way more than the first movie took in. In total, the movie made over 480.5 million dollars, so it indeed did amazing box office-wise.

In terms of reviews and fan enjoyment it also did really well, the movie is rated four out of five stars. Also on top of that, it has 95 % rotten tomatoes. It really had everyone curious to go see it and find out if it really lived up to the hype. Many people I know went to watch this film and of course, I had to see this film, which was amazing.

All I will say is that this film really did live up to the hype, and it was super enjoyable. The villain Death was in my opinion the best part of the whole film, he was creepy, evil & super cool. I interviewed some BCCHS students about the film, the first person I interviewed was Alexander Rico (10). One question I asked him was if he enjoyed this film more than the first one.  Rico replied, “I enjoyed it way more than the first one, the sequel had more action, better characters, and was pretty funny.” Another question I asked him was, “Did this film live up to the hype or was it a flop?” He responded, “This film definitely lived up to the hype, it hit all aspects with characters, the story, and the action.”

Another student I interviewed was Michael Gomez (11). I asked him, “Do you think the Puss in Boots franchise needs another movie?” Gomez said, “Honestly, I think the franchise can end right there with this movie as it had the perfect ending.”

To leave it at that I’d say critics really liked this movie. It was a really enjoyable film for not only young but also adult audiences. I give a huge recommendation to anyone who’s thinking of watching this film with either friends or family. This film really brought all the aspects of the film and they executed it amazingly.