The Weeknd After Hours HBO Documentary Kicks Off at SoFi Stadium

Maria Gonzalez, Website Editor

HBO Max made the After Hours series that started off with the opening of  The Weeknd’s show in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. The Weeknd started the show by singing “Alone Again.” The crowd started cheering before the Weeknd officially came out onto the stage.

The Weeknd is an artist from Scarborough, Toronto, Canada. His real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. He is 33 years old born on February 16, 1990. The Weeknd started on his world tour for his new album After Hours in 2022.

The Weeknd at the beginning of his third “After Hours” how in L.A. (photo: Maria Gonzalez)

The background for his show was a skyline of a city and the dancers showed up on stage wearing long red dresses and long veils covering their faces. The Weeknd showed up on stage wearing a prosthetic mask of his face and with a long black coat.

The next song the Weeknd sang was “Gasoline” and the crowd cheered continuously. Flashing lights lit up the stage and the crowd was vibing with it, dancing and singing. After singing “Gasoline,” he took off his mask slowly and happily. Cheering the crowd on, he hyped them up by yelling “Los Angeles” and telling them to put their hands up, keep them up, and jump.

The Weeknd took a moment while singing to greet the crowd. He said, “Los Angeles! Welcome to the After Hours Til Dawn Tour! I’m going to feel out what side is a little crazier tonight, is it the left side or the right side? Let’s find out.” He went on by repeating “left side, left side” and then repeating “right side, right side.”

The Weeknd singing “Can’t Feel My Face” (photo: Maria Gonzalez)

As he continued the show, he also sang a few songs from his previous albums, such as “Can’t Feel My Face,” “The Hills,” “Often,” and many more fan favorites. From the yelling and cheering, it was obvious the crowd was very excited. This was the third time he had sold out Sofi Stadium, about which he was very excited.

This “After Hours” show lasted about an hour and a half. The Weeknd performed many songs and made time to talk to the crowd while singing. He finished off the show with the song “Blinding Lights” and officially ended the last show in L.A. with a “thank you.”