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Maria Gonzalez is a 17-year-old senior who attends Birmingham Community Charter High School. She was born in Pasadena on December 29, 2004. She lived in Pasadena for 9 years and then at 9 years old, her family decided to move to Van Nuys. She was still attending school in Pasadena for 1 more year in elementary while living in Van Nuys. She has been attending Birmingham since her freshman year and is currently at the beginning of her senior year at Birmingham. Maria is a hard worker and pushes herself to be better every day. Maria loves to draw even though she doesn't think she's good at it. Her favorite places to be are the beach and Disneyland and almost all amusement parks. Some of her favorite things to do are watching movies, and TV shows, drawing, and listening to music.

Maria is a very quiet and reserved person. As you get to know Maria more she becomes more talkative and open. Maria sees a very bright future for herself and hopes that she's able to achieve anything she puts her mind to. She hopes to travel all over the world. Places on her bucket list include Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, and more. Maria isn't sure of what she wants her profession to be yet but sometimes she thinks about wanting to teach the English language to students in a Spanish-speaking country and at other times, she thinks about being an interior designer. Whatever she becomes she hopes she is happy and loves what she's doing.

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