High School Dating on a Budget

Daniel Gomez, Opinion Editor

As high schoolers navigate the world of dating, many struggle with the challenge of finding affordable and fun date ideas. With limited budgets, expensive restaurant dinners and movie theater tickets may be out of reach. But fear not, there are plenty of ways to enjoy each other’s company without breaking their wallets.

Couples on date (illustration: Public domain vectors)

One popular option is to explore local parks or nature reserves. Many parks offer free admission and provide a beautiful backdrop for a romantic stroll or a picnic. Bring along a frisbee or a football for some added fun and exercise. Plus, getting outside in the fresh air is a great way to de-stress and connect with nature. Or an option is to get creative with a DIY date. Set up a paint-and-sip night in the backyard, where each of you can bring a canvas, paints, and a beverage of your choice. Or, host a cooking competition where each of you pick a dish and try to outdo each other in the kitchen. Not only will you have fun trying out new recipes like brownies, but you’ll also have a delicious meal to enjoy together. Of course, not every date needs to be complex. Sometimes the most meaningful moments are the simple ones. Pack a picnic and head to a quiet spot to watch the sunset together, or take a walk around town and explore some local shops and cafes. The key is to focus on enjoying each other’s company and creating lasting memories, rather than worrying about the price tag. One thing to note is that for teenagers and anybody under the age of 18 all museums are free or extremely discounted on select days.

We can make all the ideas we would like, but the problem is how will your partner in question react to the outcome and execution of the budget date in question. That is why I chose to ask someone I knew questions such as, “How would you feel if someone you were dating took you out on a budget-friendly date?” “Do you think the amount of money spent on a date reflects the effort and thoughtfulness put into it? Why or why not?”

The person who I interviewed was 11th-grade junior Emma Flores and she gave me interesting answers. “I would feel fine about it–at least they don’t care about how much they spend and they are careful about their money,” she stated. “They give you no breathing room to show what type of things you like if they are too cheap and if the budget is too high, then you kinda expect yourself to get yourself something expensive.”

The sentiment seems to be that there has to be a balance to your date ideas, the perfect ratio seems to be a medium budget, but just enough effort and personality for it to be light enough to make the other person comfortable.

In conclusion, high schoolers should embrace the excitement of dating without straining their wallets. By thinking outside the box, and seeking out affordable options, they can discover a treasure trove of cheap date ideas that are just as enjoyable as their more expensive counterparts.

From exploring nature to engaging in DIY activities or pursuing new hobbies together, the focus should always be on fostering a connection and making lasting memories. Remember, the essence of a successful date lies in the quality of the time spent together, not in the amount of money spent.

So, whether it’s a romantic stroll in the park, a creative DIY project, or a fun adventure trying out a new activity, the most important thing is to enjoy each other’s company and nurture the bond that brings you closer. In the end, it’s the shared experiences and genuine connections that will make these high school dating years truly memorable.