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Daniel Gomez, Opinion Editor

Daniel Gomez is a 16 year old junior attending Birmingham Community Charter High School. Born in Los Angeles, California, he has aspirations of becoming a registered nurse and making his parents proud. Entering Birmingham around an odd time where the world was shutdown, he's learned to deal with the difficulties that life his two siblings, being a middle child and school have to offer. He daydreams of colleges like CSUN and UCLA, sometimes to his own detriment, he wants nothing more than to find a nice college where he can grow as a person and learn. His parents were born in Mexico, Sinaloa, taking the risk his parents just wanted to create better lives for him and his siblings. His skill with a keyboard is sharp, making sure to pour as much as he can into his works, it brings him peace when he finishes a piece and wishes nothing but to share his works with the public.

Daniel loves horror, and loves being scared along with writing about thrilling topics like dystopian worlds or space. His love for films is a new obsession, forming during the lockdown, he found new films he had never seen and became invested in the worlds of films like "The thing by John Carpenter." He also likes video games, he likes games that challenge him, games like "Elden Ring" and "Bloodborne" are difficult but he loves the feeling of perseverance and adrenaline he gets after beating the challenge of them. That speaks true to his whole life, he loves challenges on his terms, he dreams of becoming a nurse and climbing up the ladder of the medical field to "RN," which stands for "registered nurse," he would love to help the everyday person because he thinks that if you help one person you help everyone. Guided by his morals most of the time he has seen the injustice of the world and hopes that with a voice in journalism he will be able to use them to speak for those who can't or won't.

Daniel isn't very loud but his words carry the impact he wants them to, his parents instilled morals of modesty into him which is why some view him as shy, but his friends know him as a fiery and jovial person that loves making people laugh. But there are times where he becomes introverted, he sometimes feels the need to curl up into bed and read a book, his taste in books mirrors almost exactly his interests in movies, with dystopias and thrillers being what he loves the most, he is currently hooked on books by "Isaac Asimov" and "Harlan Ellison" having been introduced to them during quarantine. He makes his own fun if need be, from videos to songs he has fun in his own way, he thinks that being so independent makes him quite self sufficient and dependable. This makes him quite effective and he thinks this is why he would be a good fit for journalism.

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Daniel Gomez