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Meet Birmingham’s New Economics Teacher, Mr. Sirr!

Mr. Sirr, Birmingham’s new enthusiastic economics teacher. (photo: Hannah Bivins (12))

Economics plays an important role in every job or business. It is a very helpful skill that can get us through life and it is very important–not only in business, but in every aspect of living. We use it all the time even if we don’t see it as economics is very present in our everyday lives. This class can be very beneficial to people who want to major in business or even just understand goods and services, and supply and demand.

BCCHS’s new economics teacher, Mr. Sirr, is very passionate about what he teaches. Students say that he is very funny and mixes work with fun. I think it is a good idea for any student who is graduating high school to learn about managing money and business.

Economics teaches you about life in the business world and how to apply it in our everyday lives. This course includes the topics of money management, goods and services, governments, and the laws of supply and demand. Economics can fall into many different categories that you might not even associate with economics including political science, mathematics, sociology, geology, and engineering.

I wanted to find out if Mr. Sirr’s economics lessons had affected how students were learning and if they were putting it to use in the real world. I asked a student from his class, Gianna Munn (12th), how is Mr. Sirr teaching economics. She said, “Mr. Sirr’s teaching is very ecstatic and he can keep your attention very well. His lessons are easy to follow along with. He is very funny and applies jokes to teaching. He is also very charismatic.”

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I then asked BCCHS student Jasmine Eichar (12th) how did Mr. Sirr’s lessons help her use economics outside of school.  Eichar replied, “Mr. Sirr’s lessons are pretty clear and easy to follow, so I actually understand what he’s saying and how I would later apply it outside of school. Our “Stock of the Week” helps me understand when and how the stock market works and when a good time to buy is. I don’t do that yet, but it’s valuable to have that knowledge for later in my life.”

I interviewed Mr. Sirr and asked about what interested him in teaching economics at Birmingham. I asked him what made him want to teach at Birmingham. He responded, “I wanted to work for Birmingham and economics was the position that was available. I knew that Birmingham was the best school in the valley and I decided to take the job teaching economics.” I then asked him, why Birmingham? He stated, “Birmingham was the school of choice for my family, and my daughter attends here. Ever since my kids were in school, people have been talking about how great of a school Birmingham is. So that is why I wanted to work at the best high school in L.A.”

My last question for Mr. Sirr was are you enjoying your first year at Birmingham? He exclaimed, “Very much. The students are fantastic and the staff members are also fantastic. I like that the campus is beautiful and I do enjoy Birmingham.”

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