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Enthusiastic Lunchtime Crowds Make 2023 Birmingham Club Rush A Success

The Music Appreciation Club is scouting for new members. (photo: Zachary Ignacio (11))
Birmingham Club Rush (photo: Zachary Ignacio (11))

Birmingham hosts a day each semester when all clubs gather at the quad, allowing students to join them and learn about their clubs. At the event, each club had a table where they displayed information about their club and interested students could find out about what each club does. Some of the clubs that presented at this event included Chess, Yearbook, Motorheads, Knights and Ladies, BSU, Skate, Culinary, and many more.

John Arya recruiting for Business Club (photo: Zachary Ignacio (11))

By joining a club, students can get involved in school activities and events. This year’s club rush was successful, with one minor issue being that the location became quite cramped due to the proximity of the tables, making it difficult for students to navigate through.

According to the opinions gathered, those who worked for the clubs did not have the sense that the space was cramped. However, students observing the clubs had a different perception and felt that the space where the clubs were was indeed cramped. I talked with Sergio Gonzalez (11), part of the First Gen Club, who stated, “Club Rush was great and we had a lot of people sign up for our club.” I also asked him if the sun affected his experience at Club Rush, and he expressed that the sun did not affect his experience at all. The event could have been improved by having a sunshade over where the clubs were giving out flyers and information.

During the club rush, I had a conversation with Priscilla Zaldana (12), a yearbook club participant. She shared her experience of the event and mentioned that it was quite packed, with people walking shoulder to shoulder in the quad. Despite the heavy rush, everyone had a great experience overall. Many people signed up for clubs, and each club had the opportunity to showcase what it was about. I asked Raymond Soller (11) which clubs he liked the most, and he mentioned that one of his favorites was the Music Appreciation Club because he likes music a lot.

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Miguel Fule (12), who attended Club Rush, shared that he particularly enjoys the Filipino Club as he is Filipino himself. Joining the club not only allows one to meet new people but can also enhance their transcript and provide various other benefits.

ASB member Allen Francisco (12) mentioned that they will strive to improve all events next year, to enhance everyone’s experience. Many ASB members put a great deal of effort into organizing this event, and we should all be appreciative of their hard work.

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