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Disney’s Grad Night 2024 Is Too Expensive and Overpriced!

Andrew Aguirre
Grad Nite 2024 poster outside the BCCHS counseling center showing the date & price for the event. (photo: Andrew Aguirre-Barragan (12))

One of the largest events for seniors is Grad Nite, where seniors from different schools around California, Arizona, and Nevada go on different days to both Disneyland and California Adventure for a whole day. Students, however, are having one problem with the event and that is the price of the tickets. This year, Birmingham’s Grad Night is on Sunday, June 9, 2024, and the price for Grad Nite tickets is a whopping $275. This has people second-guessing about whether they should attend because of the outrageously high price.

This topic has been circulating with seniors wondering if they will attend Grad Nite or not. Seniors are wondering if the school will somehow lower the price or even help out students who can’t afford it.

Money is a significant problem, especially with all the senior events happening towards the end of the year. Many students have already started spending excessive amounts of money. Seniors have to go prom shopping in early May, which is only a month apart from Grad Nite, and this can get very expensive with all these senior events happening back to back.

This is just one of the problems surrounding the price of tickets. Another reason why this is an issue is senior graduation, which is when students also spend a lot of money on their graduation day. No one can blame them since it’s their big day.  Some students have the funds for it, but others simply can’t afford it.

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Since there has been a lot of talk about this, I went around asking seniors how they felt about the pricing of the tickets, and here’s what they had to say. My question to them was, “Do you believe they are overpricing students ?” Steve Morales (12) replied, “Yes, they are and it’s ridiculous how much they are charging because regular tickets are only about $169 – $189 depending on the date.”

Another BCCHS senior I asked was Ariana Aceves (12) (she currently attends El Camino Real). I asked her about the pricing for her Grad Nite and she stated, “The pricing for our tickets is also $275, which is way too much, and I still have to take extra money for the event.” Many seniors agreed that the Grad Nite tickets this year are overpriced.

Hopefully, the school hears the students’ voices and either lowers the price or helps out those who can’t afford it. This is a big event that seniors want to attend, but so much money will be spent around the upcoming months leading to graduation. This can cause financial issues for many.

Seniors will have to save more money for food/merchandise and other things at the park which will cost them even more money. Overall, I believe Grad Nite is way too expensive and the school should find a way to help out those who can’t afford it because it wouldn’t be fair to those who couldn’t attend because of the lack of money.


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