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“Priscilla” and “Elvis” Films Offer Two Perspectives on a Fascinating Relationship

A picture taken of Elvis and Priscilla Presley walking together after attending a divorce hearing. (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The films Elvis (2022) and Priscilla (2023) offer viewers a very controversial comparison. Elvis was a story about Elvis’s life and his upbringing before he became a recording artist and a movie star. It was also an account of his very complicated relationship with his manager. The film brings out how he perseveres through all of his journeys and finds happiness with one of the most influential people in his life, his wife, Priscilla.

The film Priscilla is about a teenager who gets the opportunity to meet Elvis Presley at a party where their relationship develops. This movie highlights the very beginning of their relationship and how it started well, but later on, reveals the truth behind dating a rock and roll celebrity.

Both Elvis and Priscilla are movies that have different meanings behind them. Priscilla brings out the dynamics and the events from the beginning of their relationship to when she leaves him for good. “This movie opened my eyes and showed me what Elvis was really like, and it was not what the whole world thought he was,” said BCCHS student Daisy Munoz (11).

The movie showed the reality of dating a world-famous pop star and having an age gap of 10 years between them. It also showed the struggles of their relationship, both the good and the bad. It was yet another perspective of Priscilla and Elvis’s relationship with her own story being told. Yes, Elvis was loved and worshiped, but from this film’s perspective, he was not seen as a good person. He had tried very hard to change Priscilla because he did not like the way she dressed. She eventually found independence in the way she dressed and looked. She found confidence in herself, and when she did, she built up the courage to finally leave him.

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Elvis was a movie made about his life from the beginning to when he became a star. He started out being judged and not taking his career seriously because he would hang out with “colored people” during segregation and Jim Crow laws in the South. It shows the real world of how Hollywood business works.

The film shows how much of an impact Elvis made and how big of a character he was. People have said that he changed the world with his music and made a huge impact on many people’s lives. Elvis shows how he went from a nobody to someone legendary by having a voice and getting through his life with one of his influential wife Priscilla. “These movies show two different stories and they explain two different scenarios,” said Patriot sophomore Joie Velazquez (10).

I also feel like these two movies show two very different sides to their story. Only they truly know what their lives were actually like as a couple.

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