Hello New BCCHS Football Stadium

Maya Wilson, Arts and Entertainment Editor

For the last few years at here at Birmingham, there has not been an upgrade to our football stadium. Now that this school year has begun, our new CEO/Principal, Ms.Elena Paul, and the BCCHS School Board have decided to renovate and improve the field in order to have a nice, new stadium at BCCHS.

Many students at Birmingham have multiple opinions about the new upgrade of the stadium and many students are also probably furious about the situation.  Some others say that they like the idea, but why not fix the field before students came back to school, during the summer? This would have been a better change for the school and many students agree.

Over the years, some students have argued about how the BCCHS football stadium should be changed. This change is needed because the stadium’s bleachers are crummy, in other words, dilapidated. The stadium bathrooms are messy and are also in need of an upgrade. The field is sometimes clean and cut, but the grass on the field gets worn out, and the track has become muddy.  The food stand is called Joe’s Place and it is getting very grimy. It’s good to change all of this and get a brand new field. Not a lot has changed since May 2017, but the new paint on Joe’s Place, the bathrooms, and the scoreboard has stayed new.

In this way, when BCCHS has games or competitions, the Birmingham opponents could take a moment and look at the amazing view of the new football stadium.

Many students say that this will definitely be a great change for the school, especially during graduation for the seniors of 2018. Instead of walking across the stage where you are surrounded by a sloppy field and bleachers, this year’s graduating class will be treated to a shining and new stadium.  No parents want to take pictures of a dirty field with an amazing graduation.

Mr. Prizant, BCCHS Athletic Director, said, “The field director said that the current football field was done in 1985.”  At first there wasn’t a football stadium and in 1985, the school starting selling See’s candy to bring a new football stadium to over 10,500 students and their parents.

“Since then, the bleachers have been replaced only once, and the track three other times since the stadium changed. They also upgraded the track because the field was used for Olympic training,” added Prizant. He feels excited for the change to come.

In addition, the Homecoming Parade be held at BCCHS (not in the stadium) and the homecoming football game will be held at Cleveland High School. The football players agreed that seeing the new football stadium will be exciting. In the end, BCCHS students and staff will be able to see the new football stadium and be proud of the new facility.