Maya Wilson

Maya Wilson, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor

Maya Wilson is a senior at BCCHS and she is in PVA. She's in journalism and she is working as Art and Entertainment editor.  She's also in Theater Design, Chamber Choir, AP Studio Art, and the Pride Club. Maya chose these classes or as it should be called, "Career Pathway classes."

When she get's out of high school, she want's to major in fashion, costume design and/or special effects and  makeup. Her college plans are to go to one of the following: Woodbury, FIDM, The Art Institute, Otis college or NYU ( New York University). Maya has a passion for art in clothing and on Face.  If she doesn't decide to go to a university right away, she will also be applying to go to a community college.

Maya is now more social and outgoing than she was a freshman and sophomore.  Others have said about her that she is funny, generous, awesome to hang around with, and outgoing. She's also a singer, dancer, and an artist and has more than 50 friends at BCCHS. Maya is a hard-worker and worked so hard to go on a plane with her Chamber Choir class to Seattle.

There are many things that a lot of other people don't know about Maya. For example, no one knows that she is African-American, Native American, and Puerto Rican. Also when she's out of high school she wants to explore the world, and she wants to go to China, India, especially Paris.




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